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The top-level coating that will stay perfectly on delicately curved surfaces of cars.
It's the new generation of a hi-end paint protection film.

It's a new concept. Paint protection film to apply by spraying ("Fenix Scratch Guard)".
The coating consists of three sprayed-on layers, which has a great advantage of coating all small hard-to-reach-and-coat parts of car body. Conventional protection films can't do it.
This coating will prevent scratches from chip stones while driving.

  • Being spray-on type, it can reach and coat complex-shaped parts of car body thanks
  • UV resistant, acid resistant, chemical resistant, stain resistant. And, can protect car paint from acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap.
  • Seamless coating without any edges gives a natural and beautiful appearance.
  • The layer thickness of 150-micron or more provides excellent impact-absorbing property against chip stones and protect the car paintwork from getting scratches.
  • Gives a superb gloss to car paintwork and the car will look like brand-new.
  • Can self-heals and erase minor scratches
  • Like regular painted finish, you can polish or add coating.
    Can also remove scratches or add gloss.
  • Can peel it off if necessary.
Fenix Scratch Guardボディ・プロテクションフィルム

Fenix Scratch Guard is a paint protection film of new generation with superb capability and properties. For detail, please click this.

Fenix Scratch Guardヘッドライト・プロテクションフィルム

Its thickness of 150-200 microns or thicker can protect the head light of a motorcycle from rigors of roads. Complexed curvature shape of the head light can be easily coated with this spray-on film. For detail, please click this.

Fenix Scratch Guardバイク・プロテクションフィルム

Being a spray-on type of film, it can penetrate complex and exquisite small parts of a motorcycle no matter how tricky it can be. It can protect your motorcycle. For detail, please click this.

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